RafQu is an acoustic guitar player and composer from italy.

He was born in Italy and raised in Germany. here he studies Electric and Acoustic Guitar and he starts playing alla round the country.

In 2010 moved back in italy and he starts his solo career as acoustic guitarist

“Homeless” is his first Album, released in 2013 by the important Italian Acoustic label Fingerpicking.net.

His Debut album is composed of 6 tracks for acoustic guitar,

except for the last composition “When she sleeps” that is written for guitar and cello.

He also takes part in the Lee Ritenour “Six String Theory Competition” wich leeds him on the 3rd Runner Up in the ACOUSTIC GUITAR Category.

On November 2014 releases a new Single called “BaSe Jump” for the American Label Candyrat Records.

In February 2015 he plays on the “London Acoustic Night” event arranged by the acoustic Composer Chris Woods.

In 2015 he performed on the Italian Acoustic Festival: Un paese a sei corde, opening the Italian concerts of Jimmy Wahlsteen, and play at MusicChina fair in Shanghai.

From Dec 2013 RafQu bring “homeless” and his music all around europe,

During his Shows, RafQu makes a use of loops and effects that give a touch of electronic mood to some of his song.